The Sarmatian sea snail is a mollusc described by a French surgeon in the 16th century.

Appearance Edit

The only distinctly snail-like part of this creature's body is its spiraled shell. It has antlers on its head which end in pearl-like tips, and its glowing eyes sit flush against the sides of its face. It has a fleshy, catlike nose surrounded by whisker-like protrusions. An ugly, fleshy protrusion dangles from its wide maw. Rather than a single foot, the Sarmatian sea snail has four hooked paws. It also boasts a colourful, tiger-like tail. It is large for a mollusc, about as thick as a wine barrel.

Behaviour Edit

Timid and shy, the Sarmatian sea snail would only come to shore at low tide to graze on marine plant life. Its flesh is delicate and delicious, and can also cure leprosy.