This is a wiki dedicated to finding and documenting creatures from mythology and folklore, particularly the more obscure ones, in order to keep their information all in one place. You may see some of the more common ones here, though I will do my best to focus on their lesser-known qualities. Help is appreciated, but know that I'm trying to keep this up to high standards and may have to remove unverified information. Requests and artwork are also great!










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What counts as a mythical creature? Edit

For the purposes of this project, any inhuman creature which a large amount of people believe or once believed was real, but isn't undoubtedly proven to be so (so yes, cryptids are allowed). Every now and then this is also a real animal with supernatural qualities. For the most part it does not include deities, humans with supernatural qualities, or specific individuals in folklore. Of course, these aren't hard guidelines, and sometimes there are exceptions because they're interesting enough to make the cut!

There are also a few supernatural places here and hopefully more in time, but for now the focus is mostly on living things.

Where are your sources?Edit

I have been slowly, but surely, adding them! You can find all pages "up to par" in the table at the top of the list of creatures. I try to avoid citing other bestiaries unless as a specific instance of a retelling or mistake, relying on primary sources. I've also been trying to clean up all of the unsourced images that high school me thought were okay to steal, if you spot one that I missed please let me know!

How did you put this together? Edit

Originally, I went through a handful of sources simply to comb for things that caught my eye to bookmark. Wikipedia's categories, Myth Beasts, and A Wizard's Bestiary have all been ideal for this due to their brief descriptions and large databases. After I'd done that, I picked out my favorites and did as much research as I could. However, I refrained from using any of the linked sites as sources unless they referenced other sources, as I have found them to be inaccurate for the purposes of this wiki. From there, it was simply a matter of compiling information.

Latest activityEdit

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