The ngani-vatu is a massive bird from Fijian lore.

Appearance Edit

This creature is a predatory bird large enough to block out the sun. Beyond this, it goes undescribed.

Behaviour Edit

By flapping its wings, the ngani-vatu can cause storm clouds to form, and its body is large enough to cause a tsunami if it falls into the ocean. It carries off both people and animals to its lair, where it devours them.

Related stories Edit

Okova and Tutu-wathiwathi, a married couple, were out fishing in their boat when the ngani-vatu swooped from the sky and carried Tutu-wathiwathi away. Okova pursued it, but quickly lost its trail and went back to enlist the help of his partner's brother, Rokoua. They found the bird's home on the island of Sawa-i-Lau, but were too late. All they found of Tutu-wathiwathi was her finger - which Okova kept in remembrance of his love - lying beside a pile of bones from the ngani-vatu's previous meal. He swore revenge, and the two lied in wait.

The ngani-vatu eventually returned, with a collection of five turtles in its beak and ten porpoises in its talons. As it picked apart its prey, Okova and Rokoua plunged their spears into its gut, which despite their length, disappeared into its hulking form. The bird collapsed, causing an avalanche, but the two managed to salvage one of its smaller feathers to use as a sail. They hauled the body into the sea to dispose of it, but even as they did so, it caused a great wave to rise up and strike the nearby islands. Then, they returned home.

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