A masterlist of every documented creature or being so far. Feel free to request or link more!

Name Other names Description Origin Image
Ahuízotl Ahuízhotl, Auítzotl Aquatic canid with a prehensile tail Aztec
Akhlut Kăk-whăn'-û-ghăt Kǐg-û-lu'-nǐk Gigantic orca that can shapeshift into a wolf Yupik
Alan Benevolent winged, batlike people with backwards fingers and toes Itneg, Philippine
Basket monster Basket that can grow legs and run away Zulu
Camphruch Camphurch, camphur, camphurcii Amphibious unicorn with a flexible horn and goose feet French, Indonesian, Maluku
Aldrovandi unicorno camphurch
Carbuncle Carbunclo, carbunco, añang-pitá, anagpitan, inuyucoy, glow-beast Small animal with a glowing gem on its forehead Argentine, Chilean, Paraguayan, Spanish
Carbuncle by PhylVance Small
Dingonek Dingoneck, ol-umaina Crocodile-like animal with a catlike head and leopard spots Kenyan, Tanzanian, Uruguayan
Wide World Dingonek
Ercinee Hercinia, hercynia Bird with feathers that glow brightly in the dark Germanic
Ercinee Harley MS 3244
Furia infernalis Höllenfliege, höllenfurie, tollwurm, brandwurm Parasitic worm that burrows under the skin, causing excruciating pain and death Swedish
Furia infernalis
Isitwalangcengce Basket bearer, isidawane Hyena with a basket head that feeds on human brains Zulu
Isonade Beach stroker, ō-kuchi-wani Huge shark with a hooked tail Japanese
Krönlnatter Small, spotted snake with a crown on its head Austrian
Mngwa Nunda Brindled grey cat as big as a donkey Swahili
Peryton Peritio Green, winged deer with a human shadow Fictional
Puyo Carnero puyo, carnero puyi, carnero del diablo Three-legged, two-headed ram that causes genetic defects in sheep Chilean (Chilote)
Pyrausta Fire-flies, pyrallis, pyragones, pyrotocon, pyrota, pirígonos Insect that lives in fire, often dragonlike Greek, Roman
Pyrausta by PhylVance
Quugaarpak Koguhkpuk, equgaarpak, kiluguwuk, quugaaq, koguhpuk Mammoth-inspired creature that looks like a muskrat, lives underground, and dies when exposed to air Yupik
Tatzelwurm Stollerwurm, stollwurm, bergstutzen, springwurm, daazlwurm, praatzelwurm Lizard or serpent with 2-6 legs, potent venom, and catlike features Austrian, German, French, Italian, Swiss
Tatzelwurm Dalla Torre-Detail
Uenitshikumishiteu Wentshukumishiteu, uentshukumishiteu, wen-tsúk-ah-més-e-téy-oh Gigantic, malevolent otter that can swim through land Innu

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