Camphruch (also called camphurch, camphur, and camphurcii) are hybrid animals similar to unicorns. They have the forelegs of a deer, the hindquarters of a goose, grey fur around their necks, and a horn in the center of their foreheads.

Appearance Edit

Camphruch are the size of a doe, and they have the forelegs of a deer and the hind legs of a goose. They have a three foot long horn in the center of their foreheads, which is the width of a person's arm and flexible like a rooster's comb. Their necks are covered in grey fur.[1]

A nameless, but possibly synonymous species was placed on the coast of South Africa. It had the head of a horse, and a horn that was two palms long which it could bend like a finger.[2]

Behavior Edit

Camphruch can be found in the Maluku Islands in Indonesia. They are semiaquatic, and their diet consists of fish. Their horns are thought to have the power to neutralize poisons.[1] While their temperament was never given in their original description, the possible synonymous species described in South Africa were highly ferocious and used their horns to fight.[2]

Anthropological information Edit

Cosmographer André Thevet, who first described the camphruch, claims that some believe the campruch is a species of unicorn.[1]

Ambroise Paré copied André Thevet's description, but mistakenly placed the creature on an isle in Ethiopia.[3] In modern bestiaries, the name is often misattributed as "camphurcii".

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