• CicadaGhost

    A Todo List!

    February 9, 2018 by CicadaGhost

    Here's some creatures that I think are cool and want to add articles for. This way I won't forget about them.

    • Alloüebéra (Carribean/Antillean)
    • Arkan sonney (Manx)
    • Farasi bahari (Indian Ocean?)
    • Gagana (Russian)
    • Garafana (Russian)
    • Guirivilu (Mapuche)
    • Haetae (Korean)
    • Haselwurm (Austrian? more info here )
    • Jaculus (Greek)
    • Mishipeshu (great lakes region)
    • Mo'o (Hawai'ian, lizards)
    • Mourou-ngou (Congo?)
    • Mulilo (Congo?, slug)
    • Murbl (Austrian?)
    • Nargun (Gunai)
    • Ramidreju (Spanish)
    • Shadhavar (Muslim)
    • Shenlong (Chinese)
    • Shug Monkey (English)
    • Succarath (Spanish?)
    • Tarandrus (European)
    • Tiangou (Chinese)
    • Tianlong (Chinese)
    • Veo (near Java and Borneo)
    • Vodyanoy (Slavic)
    • Wasco (Haida?)
    • Water lily jaguar (Maya)
    • Zaratan (?)
    • Zburator (Romanian)

    • Serpents in the Philippines (under Carbuncle)
    • "Ther…

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  • CicadaGhost

    Long time no see!

    November 30, 2017 by CicadaGhost

    Hey folks! I started this project a few years ago, but after starting college I haven't had much time or energy to work on it. I'd like to continue adding to it, but I'm afraid I can't promise much. I will say all the kind feedback has given me a little more motivation to work on it!

    Also a shoutout to the folks correcting my dumb grammar mistakes, y'all are the real MVPs.

    I hope that, regardless of whether I can add to this, people still find it a useful resource! Thanks everyone!

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